Saturday, December 20, 2014

untuk you 12 bulan desem 14

Sesudah ada terjadinya angin puting beliung di  Bandung Timur 2 hri terakhir, potensi puting beliung tetap diperkirakan sanggup akan terus berlangsung di wilayah Bandung Raya. Kondisi cuaca yg panas di pagi & siang hri disusul awan serta hujan berintensitas lebat bisa memicu terjadinya angin puting beliung.

Factor itu diungkapkan Peneliti ini Tubuh Meteorologi, Klimatologi serta Geofisika Meter iip diwaktu dihubungi detikcom via poselnya, Sabtu (20/12/2014).

"Untuk hri ini, semua wilayah kota Bandung diperkirakan diguyur lagi hujan bersama intensitas ringan sampai lebat banget dah sore hri. Pula disertai angin kentang & suara petir," tutur Iip.

Terkait bersama angin kencang puting beliung yg kerap berjalan terhadap hari-hari terakhir bulan desember ini Iip mengemukakan potensi berlangsung kembali ada lagi serbuan angin puting beliung masihlah ada. Pemicu terjadinya angin puting beliung dituturkan Iip yakni lantaran adanya perbedaan cuaca.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Karim Benzema Uero Wallpaper

Karim Benzema Uero Wallpaper

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Javier Janetti Wallpaper

Javier Janetti Wallpaper free download Internationale Captain Javier Janetti numero 4 wallpaper download Now Javier Janetti Wallpaper

F.C.Barcelona 2013

F.C.Barcelona 2011 free download Barcelona wallpaper for supporter in barcelona Spain and other City all the world
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Wenger: Beat United, Stepping into the Big Four

Wenger: Beat United, Stepping into the Big Four
England - Arsene Wenger urges Arsenal squad to show that they could be squeezed into the top four by beating Manchester United this weekend.

The Gunners have suffered successive defeats of Fulham and Swansea which inhibits the rate they climb the standings, and ahead of the game at the Emirates Stadium later they were stalking Chelsea in fourth position with a distance of four points.

Wenger: Beat United, Stepping into the Big Four

And Wenger felt confident if Arsenal appearance against the team that had humiliated them 8-2 in the beginning of the season, will be the perfect response to this ambition.

"You want to play the big games and this is a big game coming in the moment now when we want to convince people that we were able to rise to the big four. There is no better opportunity than opponents Man Utd to show it," said Wenger.
"We were really frustrated because we take advantage of our last two games with a very minimum, our superior double and eventually lost. We played a great game, yes, but another important thing is to go back into the habit of winning."

"We went through a series of strong performances before, and we lose it the hard way because everything is against us acceptable in the two games that - but we must accept it and win at the weekend," said Wenger.

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Lionel Messi's score goals Iker Casillas Breaking into 13 time

Lionel Messi's score goals Iker Casillas Breaking into 13 time
Two games last El Clasico, Jose Mourinho has instructed the strict protection for the winner of the Ballon d'Or three times. When Real Madrid lost 1-3 in La Liga last December, two to three Real Madrid players (two defensive midfielders and one central defender) against Messi.

Then, in the first leg of the Copa del Rey, The Special One who did not want to see action spectacular Messi, put three to four players to gang up on the number 10.

Last game was fairly effective for Jose Mourinho in the first round. But, in fact, four players on defense not enough to avoid the special bait Messi to Eric Abidal.

Lionel Messi's score goals Iker Casillas Breaking into 13 time

Now, at the Camp Nou, Messi had the upper hand. This season, the 22 goals are nested in La Liga, 18 of which are packed at home. Messi also has the same trend in the Copa del Rey. He scored 2 goals as Barcelona thrash Osasuna 4-0. Game itself to be the only match Messi at home in the Copa del Rey so far.

Another note worth making warranty Messi will score goals against Real Madrid is his goal scoring ability is high when dealing with Iker Casillas. Yes, Messi already found the net 13 times the world's best goalkeeper.

This record began in the 2006/2007 season. When it's still not as often as El Clasico today. Messi scored a hat trick able to make the Barcelona draw against Los Blancos 3-3 at Camp Nou.Related Product by amazon:
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